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Claire McCloud Case Assignment Questions Essay

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Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
Class Preparation for In-Class Discussion
Feb 2, 2013
(Please prepare two page notes to bring to class)
Claire McCloud Case Assignment Questions

Please read the Claire McCloud case and the other three assigned articles about the management styles of Selina Lo (at Alteon), Andrea Jung (at Avon), and Christos Costsakos (at E-Trade). Prepare a two-page paper (with a word processor) to address the following questions:

(Please hand in one copy of the notes at the beginning of the class.)

1. What are the pros and cons of Claire accepting the general manager position of the Fiber Optics division? What issues should Claire be considering in her decision to accept or decline the general manager position?

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A.Become CEO of a subsidiary company for Fiber Optics. Gain experience as an executive B.Fiber Optics is important fast growing business

A.She lacks technical R&D knowledge.
B.She has no line management experience

2.List the functional areas of a business; i.e.., finance, R&D, Manufacturing, marketing, and rate each one with respect to the amount of industry specific knowledge that will be required for Claire to do the job effectively (what the company lacks currently) vs. what she possesses. What does Claire need to know about the technology? (You might set up a table to show your assessments.)

3. What are OWS’s strengths and weaknesses? How do they compare with
Claire’s strengths and weaknesses?

How important for the Company
Company’s current strength
McCloud’s Strength
Marketing & Sales
++ to +++
Human resource

4. What are the immediate short and long term tasks Claire will need to address if she accepts the job? Lay out a specific action plan for her to accomplish by i) the two months of her new job, ii) by the end of six months, iii) by the end of eighteen months.

i)understand issue by informal meeting, and then call formal meeting to confirm issues. Finally report top management. Solve production issues. ii)solve marketing issue by visiting top 15 customers.

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