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Evaluate Goals Essay

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Goal 1 is in accordance with one of the “six conditions that are necessary and sufficient to achieve therapeutic changes on the part of the client which is counselor congruence or genuineness in the therapeutic relationship” (Crutchfield, et al, 2000). Goal 2 means developing bonds between analyst and client as what Adler had stated: “Adler’s encouragement skills included demonstrating concern for clients through active listening and empathy, and communicating respect for and confidence in clients” (Crutchfield, et al, 2000).

Goal 3 pertains to keeping the therapeutic session simple without minding the time, in accordance to two of the six given conditions necessary for therapeutic changes in client which is: warmth or unconditional regard for the client, and the ability of counselor to empathize with the client. Goal 4 means that I will now concentrate on my fourth goal which is to develop empathy with the client by focusing on the client’s emotions.

In psychotherapy, “empathy refers to “feeling into” the experience of another person” (Feller and Rocco Cotton, 2003). I believe this is an important step that will lead to the last of the six conditions stated by Adler, which is unconditional positive regard to the client (Crutchfield, et al, 2000). After reviewing my pre-practicum Residency packet, I came into conclusion that my goals have inspired me and will definitely serve as my driving force to enter Residency II.I believe that taking Residency II is what I needed in order to become an expert in my field of study.

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Crutchfield, L. , Baltimore, H. , Felfell, M. & Worth, S. (2000, March). Empathic Responding Skills across Counselor Education Training Tracks: A Comparison Study, Journal of Humanistic Counseling, Education & Development. Retrieved July 10, 2009, from Academic Search Premier database. Feller, R. , Rocco Cotton, E. (2003). The Importance of Empathy in Therapeutic Alliance. EBSCO Publishing.

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