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The Black Death and the World it Made

The Black Death or The Black Plague, as it is known in history, was the worst disaster in medical history to date considering it proportionately (more than 40 percent mortality rate). It was so devastating in its effect that within 3 years time (1347-1350) the whole Europe was made aware of its dark presence in…

World Bank

Since attaining her independence in the early 1990’s Russia can pride herself in emerging as a middle economy which has registered an average annual economic growth rate of 6. 5%. This is largely attributed to her embracing a free market economy to replace the earlier central command approach. The World Bank notes that this economic…

Cultures of the new world

When the New World was discovered, Native American peoples had spread throughout North and South America. Often they were hunter/gatherers, but they had established various civilizations. The Europeans considered themselves far superior to these natives, and European arrival invariably led to native peoples being subjected to European rule. The Europeans brought superior weapons such as…



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Dystopia that is found in the world

The word dystopia comes from the Greek word cacotopia. Dystopia is usually used when visualizing a society that is completely the opposite of the utopian world. The conditions of the dystopia world are not that good, as they lead to demoralization of the human being. Life in the dystopia world is characterized by poverty, human…

What is a home?

A home is something desperately needed by all human beings. What is a home? No uniform definition is possible here. To most it is a place where they feel comfortable, needed and protected. It is weird to think how much we, civilized beings, are still in need of a close link to a definite place,…

Dubai Ports World

The attempted takeover of six US port terminals by Dubai Ports World (DPW), based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has strained the historically amicable US-UAE relationship. The future looks grim: a recent Gulf News poll reported 64 percent of readers claimed the deal’s dismissal “changed their opinion for the worst” regarding investing in the…

World War One

Wilfred Owen’s “Dulce et Decorum est” is an exceptional and magnificent piece of poetry that was written in 1917 describing a scenario from a group of soldiers suffering a gas attack during World War One. This poem displays a detailed use of imagery, diction, as well as figurative language. Vivid imagery along with a melancholic…

World War Two

After World War Two, the United States government faced a problem. Against Soviet pressure in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, it wanted to convince the world, especially new nations emerging from colonialism, of America’s moral leadership. Often, it found that its most exasperating opponents were some of its own people. The Unites States was profoundly…

Walking In A Dream World: A Reaction to Waking Life

Waking Life, by Richard Linklater, is an unusual movie that was released in 2001. The movie was recorded with the same technology that any movie would use, but each scene has been colorized to give it an animated look. The colorization is not the same from scene to scene. Instead, each artist that Linklater employed…

The Extent to Which World War I Could be Avoided

Kagan argued that it is possible for the First World War to be avoided. The general reason can be found on the arbitrariness of the alliances created before the First World War. It can also be argued that the complexity of the alliances were, in fact, slump in its orientation. Countries of both camps held…

A Critical Analysis of Anthony Giddens’ “Runaway World”

The ideas in Anthony Giddens’ “Runaway World” were initially presented at the 1999 Reith Lectures. Later on these ideas were further developed in a book with the same title. The lecture opens with a discussion on the nature of global change, in which Giddens specified his position on globalization in contrast to two commonly held…

World War II

During the Eisenhower administration many changes were taking place in American culture. Following World War II, the country experienced a period of industrialization and growth like never before, especially in terms of the economy and the American family. Post- World War II the so-called “baby boom” occurred, a period when birth rates rose as a…

Diversity makes up the world

Diversity makes up the world that we are living in. It basically exists for us to be able to have a dose of reality and how the world truly is. Variety in every thing symbolizes freedom, it illustrates how each and every one of us is unique in our own complex manner, and it represents…

Books Are Best Friends

Introduction: Book is our real and best friend. It gives us knowledge and pleasure. It is the main element of education. Our worldly friend may give us but book never gives us. Kinds: There are different kinds and different sizes of books in the world. They are the books of story, books of drama, books…

The Muslim World

World is divided into different divisions depending upon the economic conditions, race, culture and most importantly religion. The division of world is more evident after the September 11 attacks into Muslim world and anti-Muslim world. The political ideology and attitudes were now deeply rooted among the individuals also. “The anti-Muslim attitudes of West united the…

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